Meranol: My Happy Pill And The Rest

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I filled my weekly pillbox this evening. It is a lot lighter than it used to be. Now, I take 15 pills a day, 7 in the morning and 8 at night, and about two diabetes injections a day. If you have heart disease or are awaiting a heart transplant or have had a transplant, you know the importance of being a disciplined pill popper.  

Of the 15 pills in my daily routine, 4 are vitamin supplements. One is  Aspirin (328). One is a stool softener. Gone are the prescriptions that failed to manage my neurological pain, Amitriptyline, Clonezepane and Lyrica. Those have been replaced by a new drug, a topical that is a composition of seven drugs and has helped reduce so much pain in my back and rib cage that I actually swung a golf club far too often a few weeks ago. Gone are drugs like Tizandine, Norvasc, Valcyte (for CMV) and countless others. All in all, the progress is pretty encouraging.

If you are like me, you hate these pills but know you cannot live without them. They are part of your new life. The one I resent the most is V-Fend, a powerful deterrent to the spread of the aspergillus mold that ravaged my muscular and neurological systems. My remaining medicines are pretty powerful and have powerful symptoms like dry mouth, easy bruising, etc. They also discourage appetite.

But, there is one pill I really like. I call it my Happy Pill. At first Suzanne wasn’t sure about this pill but it works. It’s dependable, takes away a good amount of pain with no recognizable after effects such as constipation or disorientation.

My Happy Pill is 5 mg. of Meranol or medical marijuana. Meranol is taken orally. Chase it down with a liquid of choice, fasten your seatbelt and leave the driving to your sidekick. Happy Days are here again! th_914165_571634082857278_1990985017_o

I was first prescribed Meranol to stimulate my appetite. Most of the time, I do not enjoy looking at food, much less ingesting it. One happy pill and I can eat a whole lot of just about anything. Unfortunately, it is not always the food my physicians would like me to eat but as one said; “Hey, if you want to eat it, go for it.”

Meranol boosts appetite. Sometimes, you have to watch it. Two weeks ago we expected to go to a restaurant but at the last minute we decided to not buck the weather and stay home. In anticipation of the dinner out, I had already taken a Happy Pill. We ate a light fare meal.

My incessant conversation finally drove Suzanne to bed. When she left, I turned on Silver Linings Playbook for the third and fourth times and hit the fridge and cupboards hard. I hate to tell you this but…

In the next 90 minutes, I consumed two huge bowls of frozen yogurt, nine homemade chocolate chips, six store-bought Macadamia nut cookies and topped all that off with 8 frozen mini-Snickers bars. It was heaven!

Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Sally Struthers, zany characters, great background music and all those sweets etched a magical moment in time. When I realized the full quantity of calories, sugar and beverage that I had consumed, I quickly took my injection and tried to hit the hay. I was pretty fired up!

The next morning my blood sugar was the highest it had been in three years! I settled in for a few days of extra injections and took to the walking path. But, you know what? It was all okay.

In addition to helping to boost appetite, I have found that Meranol is terrific for pain. It does not have the after-effects of morphine, oxycodone or similar pain relievers and it actually makes you quite cheery and very talkative. My diet is pretty much liquid so I do not take my Happy Pill very often, only when we are going out to dinner or when there is an outburst in rib pain, but boy is it fun!

When it was prescribed to me, all the nurses kept asking how it was working. At first, I didn’t get much of a sensation from it. Now, it’s like a fuse that ignites pretty quickly. The nurses said not everyone received the same benefit.

There was a time when I smoked marijuana. In one particular stage of my life, I smoked quite a bit. When Dr. Hoffman told me she was prescribing it, I said no because I did not want to smoke. Foolish me!  This baby goes down in a few seconds. Pain goes away in a few minutes and appetite kicks in anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes later. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, here’s my tip for the day. If you are suffering from lack of appetite or if you are in pain, talk to your physician and ask if Meranol will help. I was surprised to find that it is now available in New York, but it is. Do not take Meranol and drive.

My Happy Pill will boost your appetite, ease your pain, surely increase your musicality and increase your social interaction… a lot! I still cannot believe I ate all that!


4 Comments on "Meranol: My Happy Pill And The Rest"

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  1. Sherrie says:

    Munchies with a smile!

  2. Ann Daly says:

    Great stories as always Hiland! I can’t wait to read the next edition!! Take care, Ann :)

  3. Lorraine Tallcott says:

    Nobody spins a tale better than you! I feel like I just ate all those goodies right along with you. (Burp!)

  4. Bella Pipas says:


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