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Congratulations!  You have been referred to a heart transplant center or you have talked with your insurance carrier and they have recommended possible centers of heart transplant excellence.  Hopefully the list below can tell you how active each center in each state is.   Below is a list of active heart transplant centers and the number of heart transplants performed by those centers in 2010 and 2011.  This is valuable information.

If you are diagnosed with end stage heart disease, ask your physician if he or she will recommend you for transplantation at a center.  The list below will give you information about the volume of transplants these centers handle each year.

In my case, I was advised by my cardiologist and insurance company to enroll at a center where the heart transplantation team had plenty of experience and where the surgical team regularly practiced heart transplantation.

During the recovery and before the transplant, you will have much contact with caregivers and nurses.  I sought a center where heart transplantation happened every week and where transplant patients were seen every day. While this experience is a valid concern, it is not the only one.

It will not take you long to assess the center’s activity level.  When you attend your first consult, you will get a feel for the activity and the experience. Professionalism surfaces in a number of ways.

Before enrolling, you should be comfortable with the surgeon, the cardiologist and the support team. What is important is how the heart transplant clinic manages your wait and your recovery.  Do not be shy about asking questions.  If you cannot explain what will happen to your support team, you need to know more.

If I were entering a program today, I would want to meet all the physicians who will work with me.  I would want to know how many transplant patients they have serviced.  I want the center’s success rate. I would also make a point of visiting the recovery areas where you will spend at least 7 or 8 days after transplantation.

Try to meet the Infectious Disease staff, the Endocrinologists, the Neurology team, the eye, ear, nose and throat crew, the psychologist and anyone else the center thinks will be on the case.  In my case, I have spent more time with these side effect departments than I have with cardiology.

I would ask the cardiologist what the survival rates on the table are, what the three-year survival rate is and what the five-year survival rate is.  I would also ask the persons in the other departments how experienced they are working on heart transplant patients.  You are going to invest a lot of money and a lot of yourself in this process.  You have a right to know everything you can learn.  I would read the center’s guide to transplantation several times over and list all questions.

One of the most critical decisions is how you will recover.  You must first see where your insurance company wants you to go.  If you are out of network, find out what “centers of excellence” are included in your coverage.

As I was out-of-network, I was given the opportunity to enroll at Columbia Presbyterian and later at Tampa General.  If you will relocate to a center out of your geographic area, you will need to find a place near the hospital that can accommodate yourself and your support team.

For six-months, one of your support team will need to be at your side 24/7.  I chose to rent very near Tampa General and we still maintain our apartment there.  If Albany Medical Center had not ceased their transplant program, I would have had no choice but to stay in Albany.

There are many considerations about selecting a heart transplant center but the primary one is to discover what options you have through your insurance carrier; more about that before the end of the week.  The information below is drawn for the OPTN website.

No OPTN data was available for Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska or Montana.  No facilities in Hawaii are currently performing heart transplants.  In New Mexico, the Presbyterian Hospital no longer provides heart transplantation services.  If centers once performed transplants but no longer do, they are listed below the state’s name.

This information was drawn from the OPTN website.


  2010 2011
 All Centers                                     24  28
 University of Alabama Hospital        24  28


Banner  Good Samaritan, The Phoenix Regional Medical Center,

Arizona and St. Joseph’s Hospital no longer provide heart transplant services in Arizona.

  2010 2011
All Centers                     38 28
Phoenix Children’s Hospital    0 2
Mayo Clinic Hospital                22 12


In Arkansas, the UAMS Medical Center has halted heart transplantation services.

  2010 2011
All Centers 31 31
Baptist Medical Center                     11 7
 Arkansas Children’s Hospital          20  24


In California, Eisenhower Memorial Hospital, the UCI Medical Center, the Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital, UC Davis Medical Center, St Vincent Medical Center.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                        248 230
Children’s Hospital of LA                  2 3
Cedars – Sinai                                  75 70
Loma Linda University Medical 18 19
Louise Sutter Packard Children’s 14 13
California Pacific Medical Center      15 13
USCD Medical Center                       14 13
University of Cal San Francisco 16 14
Sutter Memorial Hospital                 7 10
Sharp Memorial Hospital                  12 12
Stanford University Medical Center 21 28
UCLA Medical Center                        50 44
Keck Hospital of USC                       16 11


The Memorial Hospital and the Presbyterian/ St. Lukes Medical Center no longer perform heart transplants

All Centers                     32 30
Children’s Hospital of Colorado                        13 6
The University of Colorado Medical Center     14 19


All Centers                     29 29
Hartford Hospital          19 16
Yale New Haven Hosp   13 10


  2010 2011
All Centers                     1 6
Alfred I DuPont Hospital for Children        1 6

District of Columbia

The Children’s National Medical Center, Georgetown University Medical School and the George Washington University Medical School have ceased heart transplantation programs.

  2010 2011
All Centers                     9 9
 Washington Hospital Center   


In Florida, four hospitals have ceased performing heart transplants.  Those hospitals are the Miami Children’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tallahassee Hospital and University Medical Center.  There are six heart transplant centers still providing the miracle of heart transplantation.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                        155 124
All Children’s Hospital                      5 7
Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital     1 3
Jackson Memorial Hospital              27 24
Mayo Clinic Florida                            26 20
Tampa General Hospital                   53 47
Shands Hospital at U of Florida       41 23


In Georgia, the Georgia Health Science Medical Center and the University Hospital have halted their heart transplant programs.

  2010 2011
All Centers                     64 43
Children’s Health Care in Atlanta                        16 16
Emory University Hospital                         29 19
St. Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta      19 8


In Indiana, the Indiana University Medical Center has stopped providing heart transplantation services.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                        45 44
Indiana University Health      21 20
Lutheran Hosp Ft Wayne 4 5
St. Vincent Hospital 20 19


The Iowa City VA Hospital and Mercy Medical Center are no longer transplanting hearts.

  2010 2011
All Centers                     10 14
University of Iowa Hospital             10 14


In Kansas both the University of Kansas Hospital and the Via Christi Medical Center have halted heart transplantation.


In Kentucky, the Columbia Audubon Hospital has halted heart transplant services.

All Centers                     26 21
Jewish Hospital             18 10
Kosair Children’s Hospital      2 1
University of Kentucky Hospital 6 10


The Louisiana State University and the Willis-Knighton Medical Center have ceased heart transplantation surgery.

  2010 2011
All Centers                     36 24
Ochsner Foundation Hospital           25 22
Tulane University Medical Center    11 2


  2010 2011
All Centers                     42 37
Maine Medical Center             42 37


  2010 2011
All Centers                                        35 21
John’s Hopkins                                 23 16
University of Maryland Medical        12 5


In Massachusetts, the UMass Medical Center has ceased heart transplantation procedures.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                                  58 50
Children’s Hospital of Boston                     8 11
Massachusetts General Hospital     14 9
Tufts Medical Center                                  18 14
Brigham and Women’s Hospital                 18 16


The William Beaumont Hospital and the Harper University Hospital of Detroit have stopped providing heart transplantation services in Michigan.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                                 58 46
Children’s Hospital of Michigan                  5 2
Henry Ford Hospital      10 8
University Of Michigan Medical Center 41 27
Spectrum Health                     2 9


The Rochester Methodist Hospital Has ceased heart Transplantation services.

  2010 2011
All Centers                     65 60
Abbott Northwestern Hospital         14 13
St. Mary’s Hospital – Mayo Clinic     26 25
The University of Minnesota Center          25 22


  2010 2011
All Centers           8 10
University of Mississippi                   8 10


The DePaul Health Center, the Menorah Health Center, the St. Louis University Hospital and The University of Missouri Hospital have stopped heart transplantation services.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                                 78 99
Barnes Jewish Hospital                              29 32
Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospita         2 1
St. Louis Children’s Hospital            29 32
St. Lukes Hospital of KC                  43 30


Bryan LGH Medical Center East, Nebraska Health System and St. Joseph Hospital in Nebraska have ceased heart transplant services.

  2010 2011
All Centers                     21 14
Nebraska Medical Center       21 14


In Nevada, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center no longer perform heart transplants.

  2010 2011
All Centers                     47 41
 University Med Center of Southern Nevada  47  41

 New Hampshire

  2010 2011
All Centers                     61 51
Mary Hitchcock Memorial                 61 51

New Jersey

  2010 2011
All Centers                     66 65
Newark Bet Israel Med Center        52 55
Robert Wood Johnson University    14 10

New York

In New York, the Albany Medical Center, the Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, The Buffalo General Hospital and the Buffalo VA Hospital have stopped providing heart transplantation.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                        162 135
New York Presbyterian Hospital      84 67
Strong Memorial Hospital                10 7
Montefiore Medical Center               25 23
Mount Sinai Medical Center              29 28
Westchester Medical Center            14 10

North Carolina

In North Carolina, the Pitt County Memorial Hospital has ceased heart transplantation services.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                        107 88
NC Baptists Hospital                        10 7
Carolina Medical Center                   21 16
Duke University Hospital                 58 49
UNC Hospitals                         17 16

North Dakota

In North Dakota, the Dakota Heartland Health System has ceased heart transplantation.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                        40 36
Medcenter One Health System        11 14
Sanford Medical Center Fargo         29 22


The University of Toledo and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center no longer provide heart transplantation.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                        72 65
Cleveland Clinic Foundation             47 44
Nationwide Children’s Hospital        5 1
Children’s Hospital Medical Center            6 8
Ohio State University Medical Center          12 10
University Hospital of Cleveland      2 2


The Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma, the OU Medical Center and Saint Francis Medical Center have all ceased heart transplant programs.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                        12 8
Integris Baptist Medical Center       12 8


  2010 2011
All Centers                                                 24 17
Providence Portland Medical Center 2 1
Oregon Health and Science University      22 16


The Lankenau Hospital and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children have stopped heart transplantation operations.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                        202 134
Allegheny General Hospital              31 20
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh               15 9
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia            11 8
Penn State Milton S. Hershey                             14 4
Hahnemann University Hospital      11 7
University of Pittsburgh Hospital              45 22
Thomas Jefferson University Hospi 11 12
Temple University Hospital    4 2
Hospital at the University of PA      60 50

Rhode Island

  2010 2011
All Centers                     49 43
Rhode Island Hospital   49 43

South Carolina

  2010 2011
All Centers                                        17 21
Medical University of SC                  17 21

South Dakota

The Sanford Medical Center at University of South Dakota has halted transplantation.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                        29 29
Avera McKennon Hospital                29 29


LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, Methodist University Hospital, the University of Tennessee Medical Center have halted their heart transplant programs in the Volunteer State.

  2010 2011
All Centers                     45 44
Baptist Memorial Hospital                12 7
St. Thomas Hospital                         8 10
Vanderbilt University Hospital         25 27


In Texas, Brackenridge Hospitals, the Brooke Army Medical Center, the University Hospital, Memorial Hermann Hospital, Covenant Medical Center, the Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Christus Santa Rosa Hospital and the Scott and White Memorial Hospital have ceased heart transplantation.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                                 207 181
Children’s Medical Center of Dallas           13 9
Seton Medical Center                                 13 7
Medical Dallas City Hospital                       19 11
St. Lukes Episcopal Hospital                      40 37
Methodist Specialty and Transplant 25 21
University of Texas Med Branch      5 4
The Methodist Hospital                    19 24
University Hospital – St. Paul 22 22
Texas Children’s Hospital                 22 22
Baylor University Medical Center     24 25


The Salt Lake City VA Hospital no longer provides heart transplants.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                                           41 26
Intermountain Medical Center                   16 9
University of Utah Med Center                           15 13
Primary Children’s Medical Center             10 4


  2010 2011
All Centers                     45 32
Fletcher Allen Health     45 32


The Children’s Hospital of Kings Daughters and Henrico Doctors Hospital have halted heart transplantation services.

  2010 2011
All Centers                     67 56
Inova Fairfax Hospital                     9 13
MCV Hospitals                                            21 16
McGuire Veteran’s Medical Hospital 6 4
Sentara Norfolk General Hospital    10 11
University of Virginia HSC                          21 12

West Virginia

In West Virginia, the WV University Hospital has halted transplant services.

  2010 2011
All Centers                                        37 30
Charleston Area Medical Center      37 30


  2010 2011
All Centers                                        52 33
Seattle Children’s Hospital               12 9
Sacred Heart Medical Center           10 8
University of Washington Medical Center           30 16

7 Comments on "Heart Transplant By State"

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  1. Don P says:


    I follow your blog closely. As a fellow heart recipient I also follow the statistics involved very closely, which are a very important step in the process. I would like to point out that your 2011 stats from OPTN appear to be only through Oct 31, 2011 and not for the full year. Otherwise, GREAT post.

    And, thanks for all that your do.


  2. Hiland Doolittle says:

    The statistics I used came from the OPTN website and were effective in January 2012. Thanks for your interest. Hiland

  3. Rachael says:

    Thank you so much for all of that information. My husband has not reached end stage heart failure, and we hope it is still a ways off, but will be in need of a heart and double lung transplant due to a congenital heart defect at birth and PAH. Since I’m a young wife and new to most of this, I’m still learning and finding out information to prepare outselves. I know you’ve focused mainly on heart transplant information, but in your experience, have you come across centers that are rated high for that type of transplant? I’ve perused the data on UNOS and OPTN, but since not many are done, its a small amount of data. I’d like to compare the centers that do the most heart/lung transplants (8-11 per year is high here) against the data on centers you’ve shown here with high ratings for heart transplants. I figure a center may do more heart/lung transplants, but if individual heart or single lung tranplants do not have high ratings or survival rates, we’d rather choose a center that just a couple less heart/lung surgeries if they have a significantly higher survival rate for heart transplate patience. We are in Utah and know we for sure would need to re-locate to another state. Sorry this is long, like I said, I’m new to this and want to do my best to provide the support my husband needs to have the best outcome:) Thanks also for your inspiring story and for giving a realistic account of your experience.

  4. Hiland Doolittle says:

    Thanks For Visiting Rachel,

    If you read the last two posting, you will see what transplant centers are rated the highest by a number of criteria, including quality of physicians, nurses, etc. As I mentioned ypou need o talk with your insurer. They may have list of approved centers. What insurance do you have? They may not allow you to go where you want.

    As mentioned, low-volume centers perform 6 or fewer heart transplants per year. Medium volume perform 7 – 15. High voume are more than 15 per year. I recommend a high volume center with a reasonable wait list. The top 50 transplant centers are listed on the site in the most recent post. I also aded the number of transplnts completed in 2011 and 2009 at that center and the number of people on the current wait list.

    If you insurance carrier allows you to choos, you have other considerations, which will be discussed in my next articles. Keep in mind that post-transplant patiemnts require 24/7 support by you or famly or friends. Secondly, you need to stay within one half hour of the center for 2 months after transplant.

    As I mentioned, the high volume ceters have the best physicians and the most ecxperienced staff. The trend is to higer volume centers. The Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic and others are highly regarded. Please reference the evaluations by US New Helath posted on the last article I posted.

    Thank you, please stay in touch. My direct e-mail is Cthodges@aol.com. Regards, Hiland

  5. Michael R. Landess says:

    Do have any stastics or ratings or opinions on Christ Advocate Hospital in Oak Lawn Ill. I am presently doing my work up for a Heart Transplant and I believe that I made a good choice with Christ Advocate but would like to hear your opinion of their Transplant Team & center and Post Transplant support.

  6. Dave Kent says:

    I enjoyed looking at your stats and reading about what you should ask, etc…

    I have a 23 year old son born with a Congenital Heart defect and has had 3 open heart procedures…(Blaylock, Glenn, and a Fontan) He was born without a spleen and has 1 valve. He has taken medicine his whole life. We need to get a Heart Transplant desperately.

    He has developed endocarditis and is dying. A “vegetation” has attached to his valve and is destroying it. They have turned him down to be on the transplant list because of the complexity and the fact that he refused to take his medicine for about 6 months when he was 18…He learned his lesson but they supposedly they rejected him for that reason. We are meeting with the dr tomorrow to discuss the situation and what we can do. I don’t think he will last 6 months….I am desperate and scared….please. let me know your thoughts.

  7. Hiland Doolittle says:

    Dave, Is the prognosis that he needs a valve or a heart or both? In the case of the valve, there is a great deal of technology coming to market. The procedures are not invasive and the results are pretty outstanding. I think that the open-heart procedures would disqualify him from a stem cell program.

    My personal e-mail is Cthodges@aol.com. If you would like to converse, contact me there and we can go forward. I sense your urgency and shall include you and your son in my prayers.

    Is the vegetation a fungus? Regardless, that will need to be remedied before he would be eligible for transplantation.
    I am not a physician, just a lucky recipient. But, I can point you in the right direction. Please study my heart transplant statistics posted today. There is hope.

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