No Longer Sleepless In Albany

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Sleepless In Albany

The last two months have underscored the nature of my recovery; one surprise after another. The good news is they aren’t all bad surprises.  

Over the last two months, my medications have changed a bit. I went through a bit of withdrawal when gratefully coming off one prescription drug. I reached a point where the site of food, much less the idea of consuming it, was sickening.

I took a wicked fall down five steps onto a sidewalk and managed to break a rib. For a while, my doctor’s visits were a daily occurrence and very deflating. “Doctor burnout” grabbed hold and my attitude was not the best.

However, with the marvels of modern medicine, a terrific neurologist and some age-old alternative healing, I am definitely in the least pain in the 3.5 years post-transplant. Naturally, I ran out to try to play golf and pulled every muscle on my left side but there is hope, lots of it. Recently, I threw about five hours of batting practice to the Hanover boys. Just like the old days, they were whacking the ball over the fence pitch after pitch. This time, it felt good.

Two tools and a great new medicine helped me reach this new level. While I was detoxing, I could not bear to look at food until a productive meeting with a nutritionist put me on a different course. She mapped out an all-liquid diet that includes spinach salads and lots of fruits and vegetables, often blended into a shake.

Vegetable salad imageWe were careful to make sure the protein, carbs and vitamin levels were good. Gradually, my stomach settled. I can now dine out a couple times a week but I am very comfortable with my liquids. I haven’t regained my strength but my weight is stable and my energy level is pretty high.

The Sleep Expert

A lot of the credit for my energy goes to the nutritionist but also to my new friend and alternative therapist Suryanarayana Chennapragada, who prefers to be called CS. My friend and mentor is a breathing expert.

I was referred to CS by the nutritionist, who also uses his services. At that point, I could not sleep more than three hours a night and even then it was not restful. It may have been part of the detoxification that ignited this but I was exhausted.

Before our first appointment, CS directed me to his website at The morning before I went to the appointment I visited the site and printed out some material, including a few breathing, sleeping exercises.

breathing image 2

I began to practice the exercises and believe it or not, I fell sound asleep! CS has been great to work with. I now sleep very well. If I wake up, I start the breathing discipline and out I go. CS has also given me exercises for a number of other conditions like pain. I must say that every tip he has provided me has worked.  

One night I mentioned this site to a friend who seemed very interested. The next morning the friend sent me an e-mail saying that he had visited the site in the middle of a restless night and had tried the breathing exercises. He went right to sleep.

If you have difficulty sleeping, contact CS through his website. You too can not only learn to sleep but can learn to rest whenever and wherever you choose. Feeling rested is a big step to feeling energized.

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