So, This Is The Point!

| August 7, 2013 | 12 Comments

When it seems to good to be true, it usually is. Lately, I have been reminding myself that when it comes to my health, feeling good seems to be a prelude to some sort of unexpected setback. Just one month ago, I was hospitalized briefly with an outbreak of hepatitis. Today, I feel great.

You have to work to feel badly where I am now, sitting on the rocky shores of Maine in the company of six of our eight grandchildren with lots of family and friends of all ages.  But, something inside me whispers;  “You are feeling just a little too good.’ Being around these six boys and their playmates definitely charges the batteries. This is no time to let down one’s guard.

Then, I remind myself that this is why I received the heart transplant. These very special, precious time frames are the point. Were it not for the miracle transplant, I would not have met the youngest of these boys, Reid (3.0), our third youngest grandson, Matthew (4.0), and little Lily Doolittle, 3.5 years of age. In times of frustration, I wonder, “How lucky am I?” Every day is a miracle and every day is an opportunity to know these blessings a little better. Why waste a precious moment!Augie Matthew

I am not swinging a golf club, but I am carrying Isaac’s (5) bag. We walked four holes the first day, five the second and nine the third day. Yesterday, I had a rigorous morning walk so a cart was needed to carry bags for three boys and Suzy. This trip has been so energizing, invigorating and inspiring. I need to see more of our eight grandchildren (number nine is on the way). It is amazing what being active can do for the soul.

stone throw

Recently, I came down with a mild form of hepatitis that left me listless, unable to eat and quite weak. I lost nine pounds that I really could not afford to lose. Knowing this break was coming, I paced myself to gain a little weight and a build little energy back each day. I am so glad to have arrived here feeling pretty solid afoot and nimble enough to get around with ease.

Today, I am realizing the need to recover a little. We will take to the open water today and breathe more of this terrific air. I guess I am writing to say that all is well and that I hope you are taking some time to enjoy your family and loved ones. It is a very good formula.


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  1. Hiland, I know the joy in your heart. I am doing great following my heart transplant about 3 1/2 years ago. In fact, I am doing so great that the Federal Aviation Administration has reissued my airman’s medical certificate, allowing me to fly again. I have religiously followed my doctor’s advice, walk at least 2 to 3 miles per day, rain or shine, hot or cold, and watch my diet. Oh yes, and don’t forget to take the anti-rejection medication every day. I hope you do as well as I have, and get to watch those young grandchildren grow up, and have their own children. G. C. Palmatary

  2. Sandra Tutshen says:

    So happy to hear you are enjoying your grandchildren and still have the same wonderful outlook. Most of us never face a challenge like this…clearly you’ve got what it takes. All the best Hiland~

  3. Ann Daly says:

    Hiland – what a positive outlook you have and the reason why you are enjoying your day with your family in Maine! Take care and keep us posted! I love hearing about all the grandchildren! :)


  4. Sherrie says:

    You have given us each the gift of reminding us what is the true essence of life, our loved ones.

  5. John Bennett says:

    Great to hear of your joy with your grandchildren
    I too, have spent much time reflecting on the wonder of watching my 3 little grandchildren enjoying the summer at lake George
    Whether “healthy” or not , enjoy Gods gifts

  6. Herb Ellis says:

    You’ve found the perfect fit at last. Caddying. You never were any good swinging the club as I remember having to carry you on my back to those multiple Manning Champiuonships you have claimed over the years, in addition to your clubs!
    The challanges you have and are overcoming are nothing to those faced by your ex golf partners. My best to all!!

  7. Lorraine Tallcott says:

    8 grandchildren and counting. Pretty amazing. We are happy to have finally had number 1. David and I are driving north next week heading to Vermont. We are going to stay at Herb and Annie’s for a few days and hope to see you and Susie. Till then continue to enjoy the gang in Maine.

  8. Ursula McIntyre says:

    Gosh Heiland
    So glad you’ve overcome your latest obstacles.
    Talked to David last week. Looking forward to seeing you back at the Mirasol soon. Pat Camporesi also asked about Suzie today.
    We all miss you.
    Love Bill and Ursula

  9. June C says:

    Hello Hiland,
    Good to hear an update from you. Do you know how you got hepititus? I have been doing well at 5yrs out TP. Mentally is another thing. The transplant changed my life in more ways than one. I try to concentrate on the good. Financially it has been a burden.I thought by now things would turn around, Im still waiting :). Enjoy your family. God Bless.

  10. Hiland Doolittle says:

    Honestly June, I have seen so many doctors and no one seems to know. The popular theory is a liver infection caused by medicines and perhaps too much Tylenol while I was running a fever before the outbreak. I was sapped.

  11. Peter Rowe says:

    Hiland….glad you are feeling better…enjoy your grand-children.

    Do you know why grand-parents and grand-children get along so well?
    They have a common enemy.

    The best to you.


  12. Sarah C says:

    Glad to hear your are doing great :)

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