Heart Transplant And The Release Technique

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 Happy Holidays to all and especially to all those waiting for heart transplantation and those who are in transplant recovery!

In my last article, I mentioned the theory of epigenetics, which states that your outer (epi) genetics or environment has at least as much influence and in some cases more influence with your four quadrants; health, wealth, spirituality and relationships than your biological genes. 

People who live in an environment where smoking is accepted will smoke.  Those who live in an environment where people use drugs or alcohol are more inclined to use these escapes than people who grow up in a drug-free or alcohol-free environment.

Those of us that have poor diets, will eat unhealthy foods.  Those of us who were raised in an environment where heart disease is assumed to be genetic are more prone to heart disease than those who grew up attempting to prevent heart disease.  The list goes on and on.

The epigenetic concept is used by many of us to create a healthier lifestyle and environment for those around us.  The theory was originated by Aristotle.  Its biggest voice today comes from Bruce Lipton, PHD.  Bruce is a former professor at Wisconsin Medical School.  Currently, he is a researcher at Stanford University.

Over the weekend, my wife and I had a great discussion with a true advocate of science and spiritual harmony.  This young entrepreneur lives and delivers her message to all her clients.  In truth, this is one lady that radiates positive vibrations.  She is so passionate about her vision that she lives it in all four quadrants of her life every day.

Suzanne and I were captivated.  As soon as we were home, we began to re-live the conversation.  Denise was so positive, such an inspiration, that Suzanne and I could only shake our heads realizing that there was someone in our cricle of friends who really gets it. 

But, I have always had faith for a long time.  This faith wason shaky ground during my tour inVietnam.  But, I knew I woould not die.  In fact, I cam tplove the peoiople and their work ethic. Many Vietnam vets do not share my admiration for the peasants of the Central Highlands.

I remember a night during the Tet Offensive.  I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I do not know how it happened.  We were at Lai Khe and in bunkers nerar the civilian population.  We were on high alert. 

In the middle of the night, I left our bunker to talk with GI’s in the next bunker.  Suddenly, I stopped.  A chill ran from my head to toes.  I did not move.  After some period of time, I moved on.  I have remembered that feeling all my life.

Other guys have described a similar feeling. I interpreted it that I was in harm’s way.  I belive I was in someone’s cross hairs.  For some reason, nothing happened.  Perhaps, the enemy did not want to reveal his position.

Another time,  I rolled a BMW seven times over and walked away. When I was living in Albany, a Mohawk Airlines crashed on our block, killing all passengers and everyone in several homes.  We lived for homes away.

I had seven heart attacks in one day and lived. I do not like to think about these things, but it seems that God is onmy side.  I know not why.

I have always had faith.  I have wandered astray.   I believed that I would someday be rid of the after effects of the transplant.  My faith went beyond survival. I believe that there is a reason I was chosen for transplantation. My faith said I  was in safe hands, physically and spritually.  I believed these things, before, during and after the tranplant.

At first, I felt uneasy with all this faith.  I wondered if I was looking for help for selfish reasons. 

This is not to say that I did not have faith before.  I did not find faith in transplantation. I awakened it.  That may surprsie some of my friends.  I am a survivor.  I have mentioned this before, but when the transplant was definitley going forwrad, I had twenty minutes to meditate.  I always begin with the Lord’s parayer.

I was not nervous.  I was truly ready in every sense of the word.  When I lay back on the bed awaiting transfer to the OR, I crossed my hands at my waist. I shut my eyes and an incredible wave of warmth swept down from my head over all my body.  It was so soothing.  I was in  a very goodspot.  I would never again not celebrate life.   

In those minutes, I changed.  A lot. I had a mission.  I am not sure where it will go but the next step is to reuild myself.  Every day, I exhale more and more of the negative vibrations that have eased into my body because of a compromised immune physical and spiritual system and my history. 

I am a firm believer in epigenetics.  There are loads of supporting cases.  Adopted children take on the characteristics of their environment that have nothing to do with their biological parents.  Why is that?  It is because these children are byproducts of their environment. 

If you think this concept is unfounded, I ask you to give it a try.  Create an environment where you are safe and healthy.  Change your diet, exercise regularly, meditate (Yes, you can!) and honor your faith.  Trust me it works. 

If  you want a positive attitude as you approach transplantation, be a positive person from a positive environment.  Live healthy and feel healthy.  To expand this wellness, please read on.

The Release Technique 

It turns out that I do not remember everything about my transplant.  Doctors have approached me and I have no idea who they were or why they treated me while I was in the hospital.  Sometimes, I wonder if I am in denial.  Perhaps, I am suppressing the events of the transplant. 

Successful entrepreneur Larry Crane says that is what most people do when confronting adversity.  They deny it, hide it or suppress those negative things. I so appreciate Crane’s Rejection Technique.

I remember a day when an assistant to Doctor Hoffman asked me, “Mr. Doolittle, can you… how do you stay so positive?”  This coordinator seemed to be saying, “don’t you know you are in a very bad place, right now?”

I have thought about that discussion a lot.  The fact is, I expected some difficulties.  I had been very sick for a very long time.  I was “all in” on this transplant. I hope that when your opportunity comes, you will cease the joy.

What I came to realize was that the Release Technique works. 

I had been using this technique long before I read about it.  As an athlete, I developed the ability to take my game to higher levels through practice, training and being more focused than my competitors.  Crane’s release technique provides a process to rid yourself of negativity. 

It may not happen overnight but once started you are likely to use this technque many times a day.  It is that simple.  Incorporating it with refinements from The Secret, will show you why and how this Release Technique is so effective.

For the moment, divide your life into four quadrants.  Those quadrants are: 

  1.           Financial
  2.           Relationships
  3.           Health
  4.           Spirituality

Every decision you make and every action you take touches and affects those four quadrants.  You may not realize it, but the quality of your life will be impacted by the interactions between these four quadrants.  So, when we take a positive approach to these quadrants, we progress in all our quadrants,

Most of  us subconsciously avoid dealing with unpleasantries.  We smile and persevere.  Crane tells us this denial is no way to answer negative events or emotions and certainly this no way to live.  Simply put, suppressed negativity does not go away.  You know that.

You have probably been physically and emotionally in angst over events, conversations or actions that have angered or frustrated you in the past. Every time these feelings arise, they can can make you physically sick but they always  bring negative emotions to the forefront. 

Usually, we push these emotions back inside us and wait for them to surface time and time again.  They will.  We often lose sleep over that negativity.  We indulge in unhealthy lifestyle choices.

If we do not confront this negativity, it will fester in us and become more aggravating and more powerful every time these feelings surface.  I must say, it took me a while to embrace this theory. Now, it is a very regular exercise.  These incidents don’t come around as much anymore.  I have reached a point that I go looking for them.  You see I came to realize that this negativity had been ingrained in all my quadrants.  

For years, my health affected all my quadrants,  every one of them. 

I came to realize that there were things inside me that had to be purged.  As first,  I denied the seriousness of my predicament.  Then, it began to overwhelm me.

Before my transplant,  every time this negativity arose, I would end up in the hospital.  With the science provided by the hospitals and with my own faith, I would improve dramatically.

 Eventually, I realized that certain images, certain music,certain foods  and certain words triggered this negativity.  When I became able to identify  these negative triggers,I learned to send them back into their hiding place and I invited them to gather and come back with more force. 

After they expanded in my mind or stomach gathering up their loose ends, I would bring them to the fore.  Then, I would ask myself over and over again, what would my life be like if these negative emotions were out of my life once and for all?  I envisi0ned the possibiliites of life without these negative factors.

 How would I feel if these memories and feelings were forever away?  

Those thoughts gave me great peace.  I then focused on these wads of negativity and rejected them.  Amazingly, it was a physical and emotional release.  I literally pushed these things out and away.  I told them to never come back.

 When I could no longer walk,  I thought about when I would walk.  When my left ribs were placed in my spine, I began to think about playing golf  left handed instead of playing right-handed.  When I lost the use of fingers in my left hand and I could not write, I became the fastest two-finger typist known to man. 

Always look ahead.

The release  technique is as effective as you are at locating, identifying and rejecting your negative feelings.  Fine tuning the release technique means making a commitment to  awaken suppressed or denied negativity and cast it aside.  Then, you must be on guard.  The release technique will be ongoing until you have purged yourself of negativity in all four quadrants.  You may be down, but you are not out. 

Crane suggests we apply his techinique to his AGFLAP  formula that categorizes our negative emotions.

 A = Anxiety

G = Grief

F = Fear

L = Lust

A = Anger

P = Pain


 By identifying these main sources of negativity, we can learn how to release them.  This is how the release Technique works.

 You have a negative thought.  Depending on your emotions, the triggering mechanism can vary.  However, when the negative emotion surfaces, you must:

 Capture that emotion. 

Isolate it. 

Ask yourself what caused it.

Ask yourself what would your life will be like without negativity.

Close your eyes.

Envision that life without this particular negative feeling.

Think about that.

Dig deep inside yourself

Call this negative feeling to the fore.

Take a deep breath.

Hold it there.

Exhale that negativity.

If necessary, go through the process again.

Caste the negativity out.

Tell it to never come back.

You will feel better almost immediately.  Once you become more familiar with the process, you will welcome those negativ vibrations because you now have a strategy to reject them. Trust me, you have just taken a big step forward in reclaiming your positive persona.  Without negativity, you will only lead a positive life. 

How does this apply to waiting heart transplant patients or recovering heart transplant recipients?

First, this is no time to have negative emotions.

My guess is that you will experience anxiety, grief, fear, lust,  anger and pain while you wait and after your transplant.  As for lust, it depends on where you are in the transplant process, but when you are purged lust takes on a much broader spectrum.

You can ease your anxiety, your grief, your fears, your lust, your anger and especially your pain by using the release technique. 

We know that some transplant patients wait for long periods of time.  Then, at the last minute, when the offer for an organ is extended, these individuals decline the transplant.  With their goal at hand, all the negativity comes together and convinces the wait lister the timimg is bad, the risks too high and the repercusions offer too many obstacles. 

For me, when I would become negative, my oldest daughter would say, “Well where would you be without the transplant?”  That is a great point.  I learned to address that negativity early on the wait list whn on enight I received a call from Columbia Presbyterian.  We received a call for transplantation and we were away, speeding down the Thruway for 2 hours.  After six hours, we were sent home without the heart. 

I was so grateful for that experience.  Suzy and I  realized that neither of us were ready for what would someday become a reality. 

I took to deep meditation and vigorous stretching. I relaxed in the sunand on accsaion played golf. I reached a point where I could feel the negativity leaving my mind and body.  

This was a very peaceful physical and emotional experience. 

One cannot help but feel better.   I reached such a point that even now whenI go to a physician, I can deal with the negativity on the spot.  Recently, my pulmonary embolism has become a very real problem.  I am receiving treatment but it is slow.  Sometimes, breathing is difficult, especially at night. 

When the pulmologist explained what was going on, I closed my eyes.  I absorbed all the information.  I sepeareted the bad from the good.  I visualized what my life would be like when I could run again. I thought about playing tennis and tossing a ball with my grandchildren.  I saw myself walking Suzy’s spectacular  gardens with little Lily and Victoria. 

Right in that office, with my eyes closed, I isolated the bad stuff and sent it into the universe.  This  Thanksgiving, I tossed a ball with the boys, I actually ran short distances. Now my vision is changing.   Next spring, I will run.  I will play paddle. I will help Auggie with his pitching and we will be good.

Over  the last four years I lost a lot of time.  So, did Suzanne.  I nolonger think about that.  Suzanne and I found such common ground.  Wegrew up.  We had ammazing support from every religion in Tampa.  We went to a Southern Baptist weekday service, where the Supremes were singing in the background.  I became totally immersed in the future, one day at a time.

I think about that warmth that swept over me before the transplant, and I feel so safe. 

 I pray that you will develop this technique. You will be happier and more positive than you have ever been.

I may not have overcome the last few obstacles, but I will. My quadrants are falling in line. My cognitive powers are returning after a long lapse.  I am at peace. I am commited to a higher purpose.  As soon as I know what it is, I’ll let you know. 

Best of luck and have a very Happy Holiday season.

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