Kristen Smith.Kristen via E-mail – 13 February 2013:
“Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It cones at a good time as my father is at the Hospital at the University of PENN.. They just removed 25 lbs of fluid from his stomach via paracentesis. He was in a very severe heart failure and the amyloidosis has caused general muscle wasting. Now, he is doing better. The MD says that if his kidneys can recover after some treatment, he maybe eligible for a bivalve. He needs this to assist with heart pumping. I always an hopeful and try to remain positive fort father.he is an amazing man and has lasted because of his hope and determination. It sounds like you are doing he right things to stay on the right course mentally and physically. Hang in there and use your family for support”
Bp – 20 January 2013:
Good information.  I never knew what some of these blood draws meant, and now I do.  Keep up the good blogs.
Michael R. Landess via e-mail – 24 January 2013:
I live in Michigan City In., I am waiting on the Univ.of Wisconsin in Maddison, They are suppose to be starting a study on Stem Cell Safety and Feasibility.  A 1 to 1 ratio on those that get Stem Cell and those that get traditional meds.

Bethany via e-mail – 10 June 2012:
Very interesting article. I was wondering, are you on any kind of special diet? I had my transplant when I was a child and they never discussed this with me.
0 June 2012
JoNel via e-mail – 5 June 2011:

Hi Hiland,
It's JoNel Aleccia with We spoke last year about heart transplants.
Just thought I'd share an interesting story we wrote today about how some
would-be whole-body donors may be too obese to donate their bodies to science.

Eric via e-mail – 10 November 2012:
He is in early 50's. Lost alot of his left side. He has been waiting in list since May
He is in great shape. Lives in NJ
I am praying all the time he gets called soon.
Thanks for article
Sarah via e-mail – 10 October 2011:
Yes i am doing great .  Just been having blurred vision in my left eye since february. and they have done every test possible to try and figure out what’s wrong.  now they want to do a lumbar puncture :(  but other than that I am doing really well.
Jeanette via e-mail – 10 June 2011:
My mother got congestive heart failure while she was in the hospital 5 years ago.  The nurses gave her too much extra fluid which caused the enlargement of her heart. 

Now, my mother has hard time walking and she has shortness of breath.  In your expertise, what should we do to help her get better.  My mother is a Saint and it is so hard seeing her suffering.  She used to be so active and I would appreciate any advice to help my mother get better.  Thanks and have a great weekend!

Faith via e-mail – 10 June 2009

My Dr’s Office said that they fax it on 1-26-09. Pls. Let me know if they received it. They also re fax it March.
Last 2D echo was 20%

Sarah 12-01-12:

Love it. Great job.

Bethany 08-11-11

Re: Tampa general Referral – Thanks, sorry it took so long for me to respond, I’ve been swamped at work, I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Florence 01-15-13:

My name is Flo and I would like to know how long have you had your heart transplant if I may ask? It’s has been 3 months for me, but lately I am having a lot of signs and symptoms that are making me miserable ie: true vertigo, fatigue no energy feeling down in the dumps. Have u ever experiences these symptoms?